9 Tips to Save Money and Time

No one wants to waste time or money: both are great riches.

Save money and time on car buying, grocery shopping, traveling … This can contribute to your rapid financial growth.

Next, check out Credit Advisor Tips so you save money and time in different life situations.


1) At the time of buying a car


Thinking of buying a new car and want to save money? Consider buying a new car instead of a zero km.

You may not know it, but new cars have up to 3 years of use. Also, you can buy your newest car with factory warranty.

To save time, you can search the internet for the average price of the vehicle you are considering buying.

The Fipe table (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas) serves only as a parameter for negotiations or evaluations.


2) When to go to the supermarket

2) When to go to the supermarket

To save time and money at the grocery store, make a list before leaving the house. Separate items by categories: hygiene, food, cleaning, pet, etc.

In the supermarket, to resist the temptations on the shelves, go straight into the aisles where you can find the products you need.

Also try to feed yourself before leaving home: hunger during shopping favors increased food expenses.

Some markets “cover” competitors’ prices: take the newspapers with the promotions and enjoy!


3) When buying air tickets

Thinking of traveling, but do not want to waste time searching for prices? You can save time and money when planning a trip.

In Google Flights, you can compare airline fares for different airlines, filter the search by class of travel, “best flights”, “price (from lowest to highest)”, “departure time” and “arrival time “.

Consider a loan to travel , to have more peace of mind and also not to compromise the limit of your credit card.


4) At the time of negotiating debts

4) At the time of negotiating debts

Negotiate your debts as soon as possible: you only have to win with this decision. When negotiating, ask for cash discounts. If you have outstanding debt and do not have cash to pay cash, know that you can get out of debt by earning little .

At Bom Credit Lender, you fill out a single registration and have a chance to find the solution you need without leaving home!


5) At the time of borrowing

Do I need to visit several financial institutions to compare loans and save money?

None of this! Saving time and money when applying for a loan is very easy: a simple and quick registration for the Credit Advisor is enough to send your loan application to several partners at the same time.

Here, you have chances of getting a cheaper loan , according to your profile, saving time and money.

And more: without paying any more penny for this! Our service is 100% free and secure.


6) When planning a birthday party

6) When planning a birthday party

Are you planning on celebrating your child’s birthday or even your own birthday? To save time and money when planning a party, choose a space in your own home rather than a buffet or lounge.

Besides the unique charm, the home parties give less work at the time of the housekeeping, before and after the celebration.

The more “intimate” air is a sign of economy because you can invite only the closest people. You also do not have to worry so much about the decor.


7) When choosing a health plan

Choosing a health plan is not easy: even more so for those who are running out of time and need to economize.

Before you take the first step, organize your financial life to include the health plan in your monthly budget.

It is important to clarify how much of your income can be directed to your health plan, with no regrets in your pocket.

And if you need cash for emergencies, do not resort to credit card or overdraft, higher interest rates on the market.


8) At the time of remodeling the house

Saving time and money on home renovation is such a challenge. To avoid headaches when it comes to getting services, talk to friends and ask for directions.

Plan, even quickly, buying the materials you need by comparing prices in at least two stores.

Beware of the credits offered: installment with interest can be very expensive! It pays you to seek other types of loans, such as personal loans , to buy cash and still have chances to get good discounts.


9) When buying a property

Buying an apartment or house requires planning, but you can do this without wasting too much time.

First, control your debt and keep up with your personal finances . With the pocket in order and without debt, you will have less work when buying your own property, plus benefits such as lower interest on real estate financing.

To maintain your financial health and do not suffer from suffocation, do not commit more than 30% of your budget in the monthly installments.